Special Money Bloombox for Mother's Day

IDR 850,000.00
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Special Money Bloombox for Mother's Day 1000000 0

Open Pre-Order for Mother's Day. 
Arrangement's price and model can be adjustable, please contact our team if you have any special request.
Additional note, we will close the delivery date immediately once our stock is not available.

Model Pricelist :

Above - Left side : Rp 750.000,-
Above - Right side : Rp 550.000,-
Below - Left side : Rp 850.000,-
Below - Right side : Rp 500.000,-

Price adjustment can be applied if the sheets of money is required to be more than expected in model.

We are using Fake Money to be arranged into a bouquet.
If you have any request to use the Real Money, we only can provide in Rp 50.000 or Rp 100.000 only.
For Real Money, item must be pickup by customers themselves, else we only can use Fake Money to be safer when the arrangements are being delivered.

Terms & Conditions :
- Arrangement will be customized by our designers based on package's type and tone which has been chosen by the customer.
- Type of flowers may be vary depends on their blooming season.
- Our designers have full rights to replace the chosen flowers with others type which the stock is available during that week.

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