Mother's Day 2023 - Custom Vase Collections (SMD23-CUSTOMVASE)

Special Custom Vase with weekly fillers.
Price can be adjusted based on size and type of flowers.
Consult with our admin to get more information or if you have any question

Photo's using Large Size.
Option for Size :​​​​​​
1. Large (-/+ D35cm x T30cm) : Start from 1.800.000
2. Medium (-/+ D25cm x T25cm): Start from 650.000
3. Small (-/+ D15cm x T20cm) : Start from 450.000

Option for Tone Colors :
- Combination Colors: 
consist more than 1 type of main flowers to create the combination color. There are :
  1. Pastel : feminim color with soft pink combination
  2. Strong Bold : red combination
  3. Natural Rustic : earth tone combination
  4. Calming White Blue : shades of white & blue
  5.  Bright Summer : yellow, peach, orange combination
  6. Monochrome : black & white combination

- Single Color : consist only 1 type of main flowers which is roses with fillers only to create 1 main colors (no combination). There are :
  1. Red
  2. Soft Pink
  3. White
  4. Dark Pink
  5. Peach

Terms & Conditions :
  1. Guidelines are for illustration purposes only.
  2. Arrangement size depends on type of flowers and their blooming conditions.
  3. No significant difference for the close-price range.
  4. Custom arrangement will be arranged based on customer choice (package type, budget, palette).
  5. Fully rights is given to designers which type of flowers varies depending on their availability in every week
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